Pavlov's Dogs Do the Dew

Overcoming an addiction requires admitting you have a problem :)
I drink way too much soda, partly because it is free where I work. I don't know that I'll ever give it up completely, but I would like to cut back a bit.

I'm not sure how much I used to drink per day, but I do know how much I'm drinking now - 40oz. I've put myself on a "2 drink maximum" restriction. I decided to begin this limit along side the iTunes/Pepsi promotion. This gives me the opportunity to win back some of the money I am spending on the soda (it used to be free), and I also like to win free iTMS songs, even though I probably end up spending more anyway.

So far things are going well, and hopefully I'll be able to scale back to 20oz + 12 oz, then 12oz + 12oz and so on, but the funny thing is, I feel more addicted to the sugar water now more than ever. Maybe it is because I have added a quantity and a time frame to my pop drinking. Whatever it is, I find myself craving that "first dew" more than I used to.

Even weirder is the phenomenon of the dew tasting better if it had a free song on the cap. Those bottles that tell me to "Please Play Again" make me want to just drink water instead!


Jason said...

Welcome to the meeting. Only 12 steps to go.

All very familiar thoughts and ideas that I have had as well. Getting away from the free pop is a good start though.

The "Please Try Again" caps not only ruin the taste, they just plain bring you down. Free songs caps on the other hand are like a little, tiny shot of fun in a yellow cap.

-- I said...

Whatever you do, don't quit cold turkey. I tried that, and it's horribe for me. It seems like it hits about 5 days after you stop... flu like symptoms, you are tired all the time, muscle cramps/pains, paranoia and nervousness... not fun at all.

In fact, I lost it this morning and had to have a pepsi. It's a loser, but damnit, I needed it!!!

I think I'm starting to feel better... I hate feeling sick.