New iPods - Just Missed

Hey Apple, you just missed.

In an earlier post I said "Give me a 60 giger at .5 inches in height. Give it the features of the iPod photo and keep it under $500 and I'll be in line to upgrade my 3G."

You got real close with the new iPod photos. The 30GB model still needs to lose a little elevation (.63 to .50), and the 60GB doesn't appear to have changed (.75), so it is still getting struck by lightning when it is out hiking with the rest of the iPods. But the price, the price is nice.

Looks like the next gen might be what I'm looking for. Until then I'll continue to smile every time I turn on my 15GB 3G model.

I do like how Apple is systematically mowing down every complaint with the iPod line.
It's too big and costs too much. - Here, here's the iPod mini.
It's doesn't hold enough and it can't show photos. - Here, here's the iPod photo.
It costs too much and I don't have much music. - Here, here's the iPod shuffle (do not eat iPod shuffle).
It costs too much and the battery life sucks. - Here, here's a drop in price for the minis and the photos, and we're increasing the battery life.

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