I'm with Jason, the Mac mini skirt is squarely in the WTF category. I have an accessory for you, it's called a thermal dispursion, ornamental, computing mat. It comes in many colors and styles and is just the right size for your Mac mini. You can already find them in stores. Just go in to Pier 1 and ask for "place" mats. Don't be confused by the name, they are really the Mac mini super mats, there was just a mix-up in shipping.

I'll take this opportunity to again beg for useful Mac mini accessories. I'm digging the design of the LaCie F.A. Porsche external FireWire drives. I'd like to see them in bigger capacities and I'd like them to run off of the FireWire bus like the smaller drives do, but until then, how about a power supply/cord with takes offs for a couple of these drives and the Mac mini. That way I'll only need one plug and cord running to my Mac mini and assorted external drives.

I'd also like to see a redesigned power supply that reshapes the Mac mini power brick in to a "slice" that fits under the mini. I already have a power conditioner in my home theater rack so this would save me the trouble of hiding the brick since I won't be able to put it on the floor. They could even put a small, glowing Apple logo on it.

Finally, in the spirit of the Mitch Hedberg vending machine that dispenses vending machines, I want a Mac mini stakka. You can put it in classrooms so Jimmy can easily grab his machine on the way in to class :)


Jason said...

I think the trend of wanting flat-screens on the wall can carry over to the mac mini. Have a nice flat base that holds 4 macs in a square formation. Hang that sucker on the wall and it is both art and function. Or make it simple to hang one in every room along with decent flat speakers for easy whole-house A/V.

---ryan said...

Nice idea. I could see this happening.