Worthless Double Covers

Allow me to pick on the Simpsons, again.

What is the deal with the cover over the DVD cover? Why do so many DVD releases add this extra packaging that is nearly identical to what is under it? It is such a waste. It's an extra step between me and DVD and what good does it do?

Ohh, they put some puffed up graphics on the cover. Do they think this makes me buy it? It doesn't. It hides the plastic wrap and makes it more attractive to buy. Again, I'm not buying DVDs because of cool covers. Never have, never will.

The only good use I have for these superfluous covers is placeholders when I loan the real DVD out! When I find the empty box in my shelf I remember "ohh yeah, Jimmy has my Simpsons DVD. Jerk!"

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Jason said...

I agree this is probably one of the most useless and wasteful packaging things I have seen.

The only other reason I can come up with where this might be useful is when they slap some other stupid promotional sticker/UPC/funny face on the front. Usually those come off easily, but on the off chance they don't, I can always just throw the cardboard one away.

I have been torn thus far with just ditching them all, or keeping them. So far I have kept them.