XPS One vs. iMac

I've been trying to get my parents to switch to an iMac. While thinking about it, I wondered how the iMac stacks against the recently released Dell XPS One. I picked a common price point that my parents would probably buy at. Here's the raw facts.

Before today, I didn't know that Dell was bundling Adobe Elements studio. That is a decent bundle to lay against iLife '08 even though they aren't exactly made of the same types of applications.
It is only fair to point out that the XPS One also has a built-in TV tuner (nice). So what else did I miss? Leave a comment.

Which do you think is the better deal?


Jason said...

Highly interesting. I found the XPS moderately interesting, but assumed it was going to be too expensive.

One thing to point out is I assume you can still get XP on the XPS as well, as Dell has changed on that. If it was only Vista, then you have to add the cost of an XP license for when you trash Vista ;-)

The RAM initially leans me toward the XPS, but in the end, I think the iMac wins hands down. I think iLife vs. Elements is a contest where Adobe falls very short. Cardreader, meh.

Most important difference, if you already have an XP license, the iMac literally lets you have the best of both, OS X and Windows. The XPS can't offer that.

---ryan said...

Don't lean too far on the RAM. The XPS One can hold 2GB max. The iMac will let you drop in 4GB. I think that's a key differentiator when you're talking all-in-one systems. If you find that Vista, XP, or the next version of Windows runs poorly in 2GB, tough. With the iMac, you should have quite a few years of service ahead of you.

Mexican Food Lover said...

good comparison...but about the ram...i actually think that ram wouldn't matter on the iMac as much solely because it doesn't need kileer specs to run very well.

P.S. next time add in the Gateway One
too will ya?