Macworld 2008 Predictions

What's an Apple fan to do while waiting for Macworld Expo to arrive? Post their predictions of course, just like I did for WWDC.

  • No tablet - I still don't see this happening.

  • The heavily rumored ultraportable is just the return of the 12" PowerBook as a MacBook Pro. The 12" PowerBook is/was loved by those that have/had them. I'm really surprised we haven't seen it return already. I imagine they were waiting for a case redesign, which I do expect for the MacBook Pro. The existing MacBooks won't change much at all. I think a Blu-ray drive will be an option for them.

  • The 12" MacBook Pro will not have an optical drive (but the other ones still will). This isn't the machine that you use to rip CDs and you'll just have to deal with not watching DVDs, unless you rip them or use the external drive. Treat yourself and buy a fresh movie over Wi-Fi while you wait for your plane to board.

  • iTunes movie rentals. I'll guess $2.99 for 48 hours, but I would like to see a model similar to Netflix, without waiting for the post office. Pay $19 a month and have 3 movies out at any time. Return one and you get to download and watch something else. How cool would it be if Apple built in BitTorrent tech to save their bandwidth bill?

  • New Cinema displays, hopefully at more competitive prices.

  • We'll get iPhone SDK details and see demos of some apps in progress from some big names, although I can't really think of who.

  • 16 GB iPhone at $499 pricepoint. No change in price on existing models

  • Apple TV software update - I love my Apple TV but folks don't seem like they'll be happy until it dies a painful death. Apple is certainly going to give it one more wave of software at least. I doubt the hardware will change, even though I would like to see my Mac nano dream come true.

  • Steve will tell us all about Leopard being the best OS X ever. Vista is flopping and folks are switching.

Those are my predictions. Feel free to mock me when I'm wrong.

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Thaddeus said...

I actually think you're probably pretty close on these. I'm less optimistic about the AppleTV, but I'd definitely be excited to see an update. If they unchain it a bit from iTunes, that would be awesome. However, I'd settle for even the least amount of attention. At least that would show us they're still interested in it.

I'm not sure about the lack of optical drive in the 12" Macbook Pro, either. Do you think we're to the point where people don't care at all about physical discs? What about reinstalls? Apple doesn't currently offer external optical drives, as far as I know.