Sync your gCal to your iPod

I've never owned a PDA, but I have started to make use of the PDA features on my iPod. I like that I can sync my calendar and contacts and have them at a touch when needed.

The moment I heard that Google's Calendar was ready for use, I wondered if I could sync it to my iPod. I wasn't sure whether you could sync subscribed calendars from iCal to your iPod, so I tried it myself. The answer is yes, you can.

It's pretty easy to sync your gCal to your iPod. Simply follow this tutorial from TUAW to subscribe to your gCal in iCal. Then modify your iPod settings to sync all calendars, or you can specify your Google one specifically.

That's it, you're done. You may want to adjust the refresh rate on your subcribed gCal, but other than that, it will sync up just like native iCal data.

Thank you Google and Apple.

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crturboguy said...

I just found out us WinDoze l00zerz can still get our gCal goodness on our 'Pods. Just do a save as for your private iCal link for your calendar, save it as an iCal file and drop in on your 'Pod in the Calendar folder and there you go. Unfortunately, no automatic syncing, but it's better than nothing.