Sweat the Commute

When I first read about a bus, full of exercise bikes, I thought it was one of the stupidest things I've seen in a while. Why in the world would you forgo the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells of a bike ride to sit in a loud, cramped, bus and ride a stationary bike? Then I thought about it a bit more and thought maybe it isn't such a bad idea.

BusBike is the name of the company operating the buses in Brazil. They have chosen to just drive the bus around scenic areas. That's part of the reason I thought this was so dumb. Riding a bike along a beach should not be done behind glass.

Today's working world has things that take time away from work and home. Two of those things are the commute between work and home and working out so you don't turn to a pile of goo from sitting at a desk all day like I do. To improve on the idea, I think they should combine the workout with commuting.

I personally couldn't make use of such a system, but I know plenty of folks that live in big cities that might enjoy working up a sweat on their way home from work. It could save an hour that would otherwise be burned at lunch. I tried to think about a complete mobile gym, but then I thought that 50lb dumbbells might not be such a great idea if the bus ever got in a wreck. However, chin-up bars are already pre-installed in busses! Add some stretching mats, yoga balls, $2 bottles of water, and loud dance music and you are all set.

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Ben said...

Speaking of sweating the commute. When are you going to pick back up on the ride to work idea? Your counter has been stuck on 7/100 for quite awhile? How do you expect to pull a trailer with the single speed if you don't get those legs cranking?