I'm Expired, Sorry For the Mess

Today, I offer another plea to software developers. I just tried to open a file on my iBook here. The file is a Word .doc. At one point I had installed the Office 2004 demo. That's long expired, yet .doc files still open with it. It then tells me how it's expired and I should go buy it and then exits. Thanks Microsoft. I get it. I haven't purchased your software. Now will you please release the damn file associations? I can open that .doc in AppleWorks 6 and TextEdit and read it enough to get what I need out of it, but I don't even get that opportunity because of the helpful "buy me now" interceptor.

After two (2!) runs of the "Remove Office" program, it's finally gone and the file association is back to AppleWorks, but why can't Office just be nice to me and remove the association after the Test Drive expires? I hate how their efforts to sell me something outweight my need to get something done.

Software developers, if you take over file associations with a product that can be expired, remove those file associations when you expire the product, please!

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