Warming Up to Podcasts

Podcasts have never been very interesting to me. The problem with most podcasts is that they involve speaking or video and require concentration to get anything out of them. You can't enjoy these podcasts while working, and you can't enjoy the video while driving. That's not to say I have avoided podcasts. I've been known to let the Engadget one play while cleaning the house, but that was back when Phillip Torrone was doing them, before he left to run the MAKE: Blog.

Lately I've warmed up to podcasts. I now have the ability to view video podcasts on my iPod and I've recently started riding the public bus to work. That's a great combination. I now have 20 minutes, twice a day, that are perfect for enjoying podcasts.

It is quite enjoyable to subscribe to podcasts in iTunes and let the autosync magic happen. I'm especially enjoying the ABC news World News Now video podcast and the Progressive Sounds __SpinCast. I have enjoyed progsounds for years, so it is nice to see a proper podcast from the crew. As for the news, we don't watch the news at our house. I used to watch the news daily, world and local, but I just don't anymore. Having a 15 minute dose of world news in the morning should be good for me.

Podcasts still have a few problems. For one, you have to sync them, daily if you are wanting that daily content. That sucks. I don't want to take my iPod in to the computer room every night and I hate having to eject it before taking it out of the dock. Give me wireless docking already! Bluetooth, WiFi, Wireless USB, whatever. Make it happen Apple. Second, the podcasters need to stop trying so hard to be cool. The ABC news one is especially bad. They have flashy graphics touting that you are watching a super duper podcast. They talk about it during the content. We get it already! I had to make the decision to subscribe to your podcast. I was awake during the procedure. I'm aware that I'm getting an ABC news podcast. You've got me. Stop selling me something I already "bought".

So, I like podcasts. They are by no means the greatest tech idea to come along lately, but I have found use for them, so I'm glad they exist.

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