Catch a Cast

I'm making my way though the new features of iLife '06. iPhoto is definitely faster, but I'm still pissed that it will crash on me when I'm simply browsing photos and applying star ratings. I don't think it likes that I've never gone beyond the default 512MB in my Mac mini.

The built-in photocasting was a breeze. I simply made an album, dropped in some photos and told it to make a photocast out of it. The rest was automagic. My machine already knows how to get to .mac because I use it for daily backups and other good stuff. I selected the photo size (high quality, but not full size) and iPhoto just did its thing. The photos were uploaded and then it asked me if I wanted to announce my new photocast. I selected yes and it opened Mail.app, created a new message and populated it with the necessary text and links to explain the photocast. That's beautiful integration. It's so integrated that I had to go to another machine to verify that it worked. If I enter the photocast RSS link in to Safari, it launches iPhoto and asks me if I want to subscribe :) I didn't have any doubt that would work. I wanted to make sure people that don't have iPhoto 6 could get to it. I have confirmed it works on another machine running an RSS reader, so now's your chance to give it a look.

A photocast of 10 of my favorite photos that I have taken.


Jason said...


Doesn't work with Firefox 1.5 on Windows, as evidenced by the following:


I tried (very) briefly to figure out how to view it an alternate way, but I couldn't figure it out.

Samantha said...

Add descriptions to the pictures so we know what and where they are!

---ryan said...

That does suck that it doesn't work with FireFox. That deserves some more research, and possibly scorn.

As for descriptions. I'm sure I'll get to playing with iWeb soon. I'll address that there.

-- I said...

I followed the instructions in said error message from firefox, put the RSS feed into Sage, and it works just fine.

It's just too bad that I had to take that extra step.

-- I

Jason said...

Agreed, I followed the same steps as Ian and viewed it in Sage just fine.

Just seemed sad to me that they could have such a descriptive error message, but not at least give me the Firefox feed icon.

I assume there is/will be an extension or addition to firefox to make this work.