One Less Car

The new year calls for a new goal. That's the way it works, right? To help achive my goal, I'm going to put it in writing here and track it through the year. That will be a reminder to myself and allow you guys to harass me if I fall behind.

The goal is to ride my bike 100 days this year, with a large portion of those days to include commuting to work by bike instead of car. Now 100 days may sound like a lot to those that don't ride, and not very much to those that do. It's going to be a busy year, so I think 100 is enough to keep me pushing, but still achievable. I hear that's the best kind of goal.

I started off pretty good. I have 5 days of riding in so far, including 3 days of riding to work. I fell off a little this past week, but having the opportunity to ride at all in January is appreciated.

Winter riding is tough, not just because it is cold, but because of all of the gunk on the roads. The gunk likes to eat bicycles (and cars), just ask my crap-ass bike from college. To save wear and tear on my road bike, and just because I wanted to, I picked up a single speed bike in Chicago last September. I'm having a great time on my Langster. It's easy to clean, fun to ride, and mean looking. There are a few hills in CR that I can't get up on this bike, but I'm working on it.

So help me out guys. Ride your bike with me. If you live and work anywhere within 30 miles of Cedar Rapids, I'll even ride to your house and ride in to work with you. Great days start with bike rides.



Ben said...

That's very similar to my goal. I don't have a set number of days. I have an event to train for. I am going for the Triple Bypass on July 8th. I don't have the fancy Langster singlespeed. I just brought the the Bianchi out of retirement. She is going to be my commuter. Some areas of my ride involve rolling singletrack. Some how I don't think the Serotta would much appreciate the trails!

Jason said...

First, your RSS feed is truncated again. Either it changed without you knowing, or you are trying to drive up your adsense revenues ;-)

I wouldn't do it anyway, but I'm wondering if you would ride down to North Liberty in the morning. I'm pretty sure I am still within 30 miles. You probably looked it up just to make sure I was in that range, didn't you?

Give me a train, and I'll give up my car commute.

crturboguy said...

Funny, I was telling Melissa the other day that my goal was to ride 150 miles this year. Not quite as lofty as your 100 days, but still a challenge for me.


Thaddeus said...

I'll be riding as much as I can once I start working in May. I'll probably only be about 3.5 miles from work, but if you're game for changing your route in to go past my apartment, I'd definitely join you.