Violence Around Sports

A lot has been said about recent fighting surrounding sporting events. While I'm glad that Ron Artest got suspended for the rest of the season, I'm more concerned about the Clemson-South Carolina brawl.
I'm not that concerned that the fight happened, hell the goal of the game is to "hit" people. I'm more concerned with the way it escalated and the way the police handled it. The police were trying to break up the fight, but did you see how they breaking up the fight? They were saying "NO" and trying to hold some people back. Is that really all that could have been done? I've been to college football games and have watched overzealous students rush the field and get thrown to the ground and handcuffed. Their crime was being on a football field. How about the guys kicking others in the head? How about the guys pushing police officers away so they can run and punch another guy. I watch COPS :) I've seen police officers "assaulted" by people merely touching them. Why weren't the football players thrown to the ground and handcuffed? I'm not saying you have to arrest them all, but cuffing a few for the safety of all seems like a good idea to me. Are we afraid of pissing off the money factory that is college football?

I can't seem to find a lot of details on the aftermath of this fight. Was anyone arrested? Were any players charged? I gurantee if the exact same fight happened in the parking lot between fans, there would have been more arrests than you could shake a field goal post at.

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