Glowing Lines in the NFL

So everyone is used to the "glowing" first down line now. I get mad when it isn't there. I really think it adds to the experience of watching the game. So as I'm watching football the other day, I started wondering how else tech could be applied to make watching the game more fun.
One of the ideas I came up with is a kick estimator. I think it would be fun to see how far a kick would go if it weren't for the stands or net. I want to see computers watch the kick and then crank out a glowing are that extends into the seats with a number of yards the kick was estimated at. I also want to see the estimate if there weren't any wind, or perhaps if the kick had occured in the players home stadium which is warmer/colder. I realize that kickers don't kick it as hard as they can each time, but it would still be neat to get some properties of the kick.
Now for a little bit of pure fun, with no real use. Stick a tracker on a guy, maybe in his helmet. You'll probably have to use something other than GPS to get some pinpoint accuracy. Track the guy the whole game and then superimpose his "track" over the top of a shot of the stadium. They could use higher intensity of color for overlap areas to show which areas were occupied the most.

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