iPod photo - not perfect but not terrible

I'd like to express my displeasure for those who think the iPod photo sucks because it has no camera capabilities. Folks, why the hell would you want a camera in your iPod? Have you used a camera in a cell phone? Did you see how bad those sucked? Exactly.
I think Apple screwed up by calling it the iPod photo. They should have just let it ride as the next gen and highlighted the photo viewing and album art as the evolution in features. Instead, they got a bunch of people complaining because it doesn't have a camera and it doesn't have CF/SD/MMC/Memory Stick/8 track/VHS slots in it.
I'd like to upgrade if for nothing else but the color screen and ability to display album art. The photo viewing would just be gravy.
Oh, and relax, it doesn't need video *yet* either. There are plenty of half-ass video players out there. Go spend your money on those and let the handheld video market mature. If you remember, the iPod wasn't anywhere close to the first portable mp3 player. Why would Apple rush a video player?

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