iPhone Coverart Fail

Ok, this was really just a reason for me to play with my camera, iMovie, and YouTube uploading, but an annoying bug none the less.

The coverart that is displayed does not match the track that is playing. Switch to coverflow and the coverart is correct. Switch back and it is still wrong. Flip to the details and the mini coverart is correct. Odd. I think this has been there for quite a few spins of the firmware.

And note to self, small text overlays don't encode well at YouTube quality :) That fail is all on me.


Jason said...
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Jason said...

That's just rather odd - I wonder where the bad data comes from and why they are out of sync?

Bad data is worse than no data.

Captcha blames "horses"

---ryan said...

Still broken in 2.2.1, or at least not fixed. Behavior still exists.