Design Touches in Apple's New Keyboard

I'm such a Mac geek. Check out the desing touches of the new Apple keyboard. I have to believe the designers have a pile of Apple gear at their disposal and the design isn't done until it looks good with all of it.

It's old school, but I still use it. When I plugged in my shuffle to sync, I found it fit perfectly in the gap between the keyboard and the desk surface.

Far more folks will have iPod docks ready to plug-in. Notice how the USB plug housing blends perfectly with the keyboard lines.

I love it.


---ryan said...

Be careful if you throw trash in the walled garden. I have a clunky Lexar flash drive that won't even plug-in because of the spacing. I don't care too much. I can always plug it into the back.

Jason said...

Wait a minute, you mean if a company promotes using its own products, and its employees have easy access to them, they might find a way to make it all work together well as a system?

It seem I have heard a few people preaching that message at some company I know...

Seriously though, these are the small touches that most people don't even realize are there. They also happen to help create that sense of a complete and useful product, that people decide they really just need to have because it simple and well-designed.