5 of The Now

  • Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass - Single - None Shall Pass
    My love for Aesop Rock continues to grow. Mellow flow.

  • Z-Trip (feat. Chali 2na) - Something Different
    Z-Trip production and Chali 2na on the mic? What's not to like? I think I could rock out listening to Chali 2na read the ingredients off a box of Cheerios. Also available on Z-Trip featuring Chali 2Na / Keno 1 & The Hermit - All Pro - Something Different.

  • Gui Boratto - Mr. Decay (Robert Babicz Universum Disco Mix)
    That's the stuff! I can't link directly, but you can get this at Beatport.com

  • Filta - Abuse
    Great use of samples from the movie Taxi Driver. De Niro as Travis Brickle - here's a man that would not take it anymore. Placed in a proper mix, this one will grind your mind...in a good way.

  • LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver - All My Friends
    It's really hard to not fill this whole 5otn with tracks off of this album. Sound of Silver and Bloc Party's A Weekend in the City don't leave my CD changer. This 30 second sample does nothing for the track. You can get a little better feel with the video on iTunes, or screw all that and just watch it on YouTube.

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Jason said...

Yeah, I'm almost a month late commenting on this but oh well, that's the beauty of having your comments show up in email.

I finally picked up "None Shall Pass" which reminded me of this post. I'm digging it, great stuff by AR. Now I can go back to blindly buying his stuff after being a bit disappointed with "Fast Cars".

What I'm now disappointed about is how long it took me to get the Z-trip album. I should just always get his stuff when it comes out, it's pretty much right in the groove of my favorite music. I was glad to see the Rush remix included on here too, I already had it from the "Small Soldiers" soundtrack, but it's a killer track.