I'm currently enjoying a business trip in Toronto, Canada. I just arrived, but it is quite nice thus far. I have my computer along, so I absolutely must post pictures. It's some sort of blogger's law.

If you like any of that, you can follow along more closely with the photocast.

As an aside, it is hilarious to see over a dozen iTunes libraries shared on the hotel network at the moment. I haven't tried any to see if they are passworded or not, but still. Jane, Lee, Chad, your libraries are leaking.


crturboguy said...

Nice pictures.

Find out what Jane, Lee, and Chad have in their libraries, and make it a game to see if you can figure out who they are. :)


halfassed said...

Agreed, guessing the person from the library could be a good game.

At the same time, I'm not sure they are leaking as much as advocating. They could be saying, "Hey, here is the music I like, check it out." Unless people have myTunes or something hooked up, the library sharing is a pretty slick way to legally let people sample your collection.

I don't have my Greasemonkey script for fixing photocasting handy, or I would post a link to help out others. I'll have to dig through my blog archives to find it.