Toronto Too

The photocast should be updated, but I'll add some color commentary for a few here.

Coca-cola is Coca-cola everywhere. Pepsi is Pepsi everywhere. Mountain Dew is... well, it's Dew. I was in Vancouver Canada last year and the dew was an energy drink and had some other name than this. Dew Fuel? Ok, I guess that works as a name. It boggles the mind the money spent on the Mountain Dew brand in the US. Then, you just go north a short bit and they throw that all away for some similar brand? I know at least 2 Dew drinkers that read this blog, so I had to include this.

Huge record shop. Chambers and rooms everywhere. Cash registers? You had to have a map to find them. I did pick up a CD. Sasha's Instant Live CD. I'd planned to let this one go buy, but when presented with a somewhat rare CD, I had to buy it.

I love finding all the little holes that you can see the CN Tower through.

An interesting building on the University of Toronto campus.

There were a few of these in the sidewalk. I didn't find any that said goose.

I looked, but I couldn't find the point of this sign.

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