iPod - It Keeps Getting Better

It was nearly 2 and a half years ago when I bought my first iPod. It's still kickin, but it has been replaced. My 5G iPod arrived on Monday. It is beautiful. I'm amazed how much has changed in those 2.5 years.

I picked up the 60gig and it is still smaller than my old 3G 15gig. The screen is fantastic. Crisp, bright, and BIG. On my old iPod, I can only see 7 lines of text. You can see 10 on the 5G. Even better is the width. No longer must I select a playlist such as "Nick Warren - GU...". Now I get to select "Nick Warren - GU 028 Shanghai (Di...". I can't quite see which disc it is, but at least I know which Global Underground city it is :)

The sound is just as good as my old one, if not better. It still doesn't have gapless playback, grrrrrrrrr. I've been itching for album art ever since the first iPod photo was released. I love being able to view the album art. I was also delighted to find that I can put it in full size album art mode and it stays there as the tracks change. That's nice for a docked iPod if I just want to see art and I don't care to see the track details.

Video looks great too. I picked up a couple music videos, two Lost episodes, and I ripped my Batman Begins disc as well. They all look good. I bought the AV cable to go with my new toy.

Watching Lost episodes on my big screen wasn't as bad as I thought. It looked pretty good. I would watch video of this quality, although I'd prefer it to be better.

The picture viewing is great. I'm amazed at how quick you can flip through them. I also like how you can view the last, current, and next picture when using the video out. Very slick.

In all, I'm quite satisfied and glad I upgraded. Now, if my remote and universal dock would hurry up and get here, I can give those a whirl.

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Bazooka-Joe said...

Yeah, I dig the iPod too. I have a 4th Generation 20GB. It's perfect for me. Different iPods for different personalities. Me personally, I have no use for photos, videos or album art. Just mass storage and tell me what the name of the song/artist that's playing is. I love it! I've probably spent $150 on accessories (FM transmitter, sticky pad for the dash, carrier, headphones, couple of chargers, etc). Don't know how I ever lived without it. Very cool. Keep it up. I love blogs about iPod stuff. I post some commentary about it from time to time. And I wrote the book on FM-transmission for iPods while driving in the Portland area pretty much. Later!