5 of The Now

Jason tagged me for some current music I'm listening to. Here's 5 that I'm enjoying as of late.

Adam Freeland - Heel N Toe [All Mixes]
Hybrid - Finished Symphony (Original Radio Edit)
The Chemical Brothers - The Boxer (DFA Version)
Deep Dish - Awake Enough
Greg Churchill - Budonkadonk

I tag Monk Jones and Jeff.


Thelonious said...


Shannon said...

As usual I have no idea what any of those are. maybe with the new gift a song feature at itunes you can enlighten me. Jason said it might be a dangerous thing for you! :) I am so glad you don't have put the o back in country on there. LOL

Jason said...

Okay, it wasn't enough to rag on Shooter Jennings on my blog, she had to bring the trash-talking over here.

I know you all aren't ready for that level of music yet, but be patient, in time you too can be enlightented...