Favorite Hauls

Here are some of my favorite hauls with our Xtracycle Radish.

Bikes in bikes. Always fun.

The grandparents don't have cargo bikes, so I needed to take them a car seat :)

The library is always a good destination.

Take back bottles and come home with some fresh groceries.

One of many loads going to Goodwill as we declutter. I love how the FreeLoader bags just take everything. I thread their straps through bag handles and it works great.

Taking all 3 kids solo to daycare.

Entertainment for the kids that are in the other bike.

If we're going to a ski show or fireworks display, we can still fit a stroller for the little one. It is amazing to just roll right into the main crowd and lock up instead of parking a mile and a half away and hiking it along roads.

Selling my extra smart home wiring to a friend at work. I was told I just needed a trench and could have dropped cable at speed!

Parks are the most common destination. Why load up in the van to go 1 or 2 miles?


Samantha Dahlby said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Thaddeus said...

Very cool pics!