5 of the Now

  • The Chemical Brothers - Out of Control
    I could list the entire Chem Bros catalog as 5otn, and it appears I am, bit by bit. Honestly it seems I always have Chem Bros in my 5otn list. More often than not, they get pushed to a later list, so be glad you don't see them here any more than you already do :)

  • Telfon Tel Aviv - The Birds
    Spacey, driven, soothing.

  • Justice - DVNO
    Look out, the Justice 5otn seal is broken. These guys were everywhere last year. I'm a big Ed Banger records fan, and I can't say they are even in my top 3 on that label, but I dig them. Energy and class.

  • Closer Musik - One, Two, Three (Ewan Pearson Remix)
    The perfect music to drink martinis and cook to!

  • Vector - Rise
    Probably, more properly known as Vector 13. In any case, groovy stuff.

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