MagSafe on a Desktop?

When the Apple LED Cinema Display was launched, I was immediately drawn to the multi-headed cord that supplied video, USB, and power. This was no iMac, but it was again attacking the number of cables you need to snake around your desk. A single power drop to the floor is fantastic...but only if you're using a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

I won't admit that the Mac mini is dead, and the number of rumors surrounding it suggest it is ready for an update (but we've heard that many times before). I'm wondering if Apple would release a new Mac mini with a MagSafe connector. Certainly the desktop computer is a different beast than a notebook. People shout "I wouldn't want my computer to shut off when I trip over the cable!". To those folks I say, why in the world are you tripping over your computer's power cable? Do you trip often? Do you drink a fair amount? Do you like to host double dutch tournaments with your power cords in the living room?

Personally, I'd me more than happy with a MagSafe connector on my desktop. I can't say I've ever tripped over the cord of my desktop, so I'll take the risk that it'll get yanked out at an inopportune time in exchange for fewer cables.

That leaves the cost argument. Folks in the market for a Mac mini aren't the target market of an LED Cinema Display. However, since that's the only display Apple makes, that would be a nice little carrot to get them to spend the cash.

Here's hoping for a new Mac mini in '09. Let's see what it brings. My mockup including the Mac nano is included here. If Apple really does this, I'd expect the cables out the back.


Jason said...

Still not sure - without a supercap or something, I really don't want my main computer powering down. That's why I have a UPS.

The interesting point, is that I don't believe magsafe is what you are really wanting anyway. It sounds like what you really want is the single cable. They could do that even without magsafe.

The proprietary nature of the cable is the only thing that would disappoint me.

---ryan said...

You are right that I really *don't* want MagSafe on my desktop. What I *do* want is less cable clutter, and if I happened to own an LED Cinema Display (which I don't), I'd want the cables it has built into it to work with my computer which is also made by Apple.

The ultimate is not having any wires at all, and that is why I own an iMac.

Also, the MagSafe connector isn't going to stop you from putting a UPS in your setup. The only downside is if you tug the cable hard enough to unseat it, which I'm thinking/hoping would be very infrequent.

---ryan said...

So that's a big NO on magsafe on the desktop. New Mac mini has the "normal" power connector.