Hooray for Trism

iPhone 2.0 software is out and somehow I managed to get upgraded this morning amongst the melting Apple servers. I'm a little underwhelmed with the selection of apps in the app store so far. I figured there would be dozens I would want to try and buy. There aren't, yet.

I was looking for a good puzzle game though. I came across Trism. Looked like something I'd enjoy. Match up tiles. Things slide around. Bonuses for large matches. Hold on, what's this. Color blind mode!. I was already leaning towards buying this game and color blind mode, with letters along with the color, put me right over the top.

Huge thanks to the developer, Demiforce, for including a color blind mode. It is much appreciated and resulted in a sale of your game.

One final thanks to Apple for building in a screenshot function in the 2.0 software. Hold home and hit sleep/wake. I love it.

BTW, the game is lots of fun too.


Jason said...

Look at that puzzler!

I sense I would lose several hours of my life to that, just like Dr. Mario, Bejeweled, and of course, Tetris.

The screenshot function still somewhat escapes me. I can't see a usage for that myself yet - cut and paste missing on the other hand still completely baffles me.

---ryan said...

A screenshot function makes documenting your system easier. It makes blogging about an app easier. It makes troubleshooting easier, "mom, send me a screenshot of what you see". It makes saving a snapshot of web data for when you are off network (plane) easier (yes, this would be a hack).