5 of the Now

Back to back 5 of the Nows without any other posts? Hmm, either I have nothing to say, or I'm too busy listening to music.

Let's review for the record companies in case they are listening. 4/5ths of the music in this list is available for free in one form or another. I paid for a copy of all of them because I enjoy them, and I was able to buy them in a format that provides me value. The only one that I couldn't find free anywhere is put out by Ghostly International. Ghostly isn't avoiding the free though. You'll find them dishing out tracks at Rcrd Lbl, as well as being the latest label to team up with Adult Swim. Go download Ghostly Swim now!


Jason said...

The title of the last track intrigued me and didn't disappoint, good stuff.

Illegal Art has come a long way since I first came across their site. Looks like they have greatly expanded their focus. It was nice to see the link back to their site from the Girl Talk link.

I need to find out what list your are on to catch these Adult Swim mixes. Always good stuff - I still break out the Definitive Swim one sometimes.

---ryan said...

If you want to buy the TEPR track, and just that track..ignore my original link. You can buy just that track on the single.