5 of the Now

It has been awhile, but I finally made it to another concert. It was Sia, with Har Mar Superstar opening. The concert was at Park West in Chicago which is a great venue. The place was clean, good sound, nice balcony seating, and they let you just walk in with whatever you are carrying. Most concerts I go to result in a pat down, so this was refreshing. I'll definitely go back.

Huge thanks to Shadowsarah for posting videos of Sia's performances. You obviously can't capture the truth of a concert with a compact digicam, but it is better than nothing. Sia's Breathe Me was absolutely amazing and goosebump generating. I was also excited to hear her perform Destiny and Somersault from her Zero 7 days.

  • Sia - Breathe Me (Live at Park West, Chicago)
    As is yelled as she starts, "best song ever". Maybe not, but it ranks up there.

  • Sia - Day Too Soon (Live at Park West, Chicago)

  • Sia - Buttons (Live at Park West, Chicago)
    This is the Jimmy Kimmel performance, but it is pretty much the exact same thing.

  • Sia - The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Live at Park West, Chicago)

  • Har Mar Superstar - EZ Pass (Live at Park West, Chicago)
    I picked one track, but these guys just rocked the house. The whole thing was great. Har Mar is entirely too talented at dancing sexy. I highly recommend you do a Google image search and get an idea of the performance. Better yet, check Shadowsarah's flickr page.

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