Snob Check

It was filler there, and it will be filler here, but I figured it would be fun to comment on the recent TUAW post that tackles the thought that Mac users are snobs.

I'll list the characterization and how it applies to me.

  • to be perfectionists --- I have an eye for detail but I wouldn't say I'm a perfectionist (close)

  • to use notebooks --- Yes, I'm typing this post on one now

  • to use teeth whitening products --- nope, never, but I could probably use it

  • to drive station wagons --- my parents had a family truckster when I was a kid, but I drive an SUV

  • to pay for downloaded music --- yes, hundreds of dollars a year

  • to go to Starbucks --- I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'll have a hot chocolate or something if my wife wants to go. I've probably been to Starbucks 5 times in my life.

  • care about "green" products and the environment --- absolutely, in fact, I participate in a green blog

  • to own a hybrid car --- not yet, but I would

  • and last but not least ... to buy 5 pairs of sneakers in a year --- I'm probably close these days. I used to buy more than 5 a year, as I was a bit of an adidas freak

Am I a snob? Eh, I like to think of myself more as a self-deprecating elitist.

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