The Private Button

The revolution is being televised, well, at least uploaded. Between the Eye-Fi card and its ability to auto-upload to Flickr and Facebook, and cameras from Casio and others with built-in YouTube modes, it has become easy, too easy to float your life on the web.

We've already seen that just about anything you put on the web can and will be made public. It doesn't really matter if you've tagged it private. The only real way to keep things private is to not put them on the web in the first place. So...how long before every new camera you buy has a big private button that you push when you just captured something that you don't want the world to see?

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Jason said...

You've said the real key here. If you think that putting something on the web and marking it private keeps it private, you're wrong. It is on the Internet. Period.

This also goes back to the discussion of people needing 2 cameras. One for their "naughty" pictures, and one for everything else, to avoid accidentally putting pictures in the wrong place. Maybe the private button instead?