.Moonlit Snowflakes

I have posted a new iMix called .Moonlit Snowflakes.

I'd describe the music as quiet, pingy, elegant, and emotional. iTunes is stupid and can't manage to make a complete iMix using songs that you didn't buy from the iTunes Store, even though those songs are available on the iTunes Store. Therefore, the link to the iMix won't give you all of the songs. Here is the playlist as I intended it.

  1. Lemongrass - Polar Nights

  2. Boards of Canada - A Moment of Clarity

  3. UNKLE - Twilight

  4. Milosh - Push

  5. Booka Shade - Lost High

  6. Circlesquare - Fight Sounds Pt. 2d

  7. BT - Good Morning Kaia

  8. Underworld - To Heal

  9. Lemongrass - Eclipse of the Sun

  10. Trentemoller - Miss You

  11. Underworld - Good Morning Cockerel

  12. Chicane - Arizona, Pt. 1

Let me know if you like it or let me know if you hate it.

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