Ahh, That's Better

I couldn't stand that old theme. It was the best one at the time I picked one, but I never liked the images, and I never liked the column spacing.

If you happened to hit here in the past hour or so, you saw the old theme hacked up as I tried to expand the columns (for probably the 3rd time). It looked ok, but not great. I like the new theme a ton better. I swapped in my own color ideas, and I'm colorblind, so that's my excuse. Actually my blog looks alot like the walls in my office now. I reduced the title font. My goodness they wanted that big. I also chopped margins and padding here and there to tighten things up a bit, again, mostly in the title. You come here for the content, not for 20% of your screen saying "Thoughts Abound".

I also made use of Jason's trick to hide the blogger nav bar. I liked the "search this blog" function and found this new search box to replace it.


Thaddeus said...

Yes... a much nicer minimalistic look at things. Too bad I don't usually see it in my reader :)

Jason said...

Yeah, I dig the new minimal look. A bit Spartan for my taste (capitalized because I now want to go watch "300"), but it doesn't get in the way of the content.

I kept meaning to implement a new search box, you just saved me the time (of putting it off forever) ;-)