Click the X

I took 5 minutes to see how many different close buttons I could find in some pretty standard apps. Luckily it's hard to make an 'X' look like anything other than an 'X'.

Top to bottom

  • Google Talk

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Command Prompt

  • Microsoft Windows Media Player

  • Apple iTunes

  • Roxio Easy CD Creator

  • Cyberlink PowerDVD

I'm sure you can find more. Part of me hates that there are so many different versions of the same thing. Part of me understands that some apps want to have an identity or use different GUI libraries. The rest of me just puts up with the non-standard standard controls.

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Jason said...

Slow news day???

I really hate that the XP theme is not applied to all applications by default, unless they go out of their way otherwise. Instead, the default case is to look like an old Win98 app, and the XP style is only applied if the app supports it.

I do like the idea of different sized close buttons though. Firefox especially does it right. One big one if I want to close down the whole app, smaller ones if I am just closing a tab.