Is the Game On?

In a little more than a day, FIFA World Cup 2006 will kick off. If you are reading this from the US, you are probably thinking so what?. The rest of the world knows what's up and will spend much of the next month watching the games.

There are 64 games. So how's a soccer fan to know when to watch? Well, you can view the schedule on the web at the official Yahoo! site, but who wants to do that? Microsoft will help you load the schedule in to Outlook with an .exe (why an .exe?). If you are a regular reader, you know what's coming next... where is the iCalendar schedule!

The official site lets you down, no .ics to be found. I could have rolled my own, but that's silly when the power of the Internet fills the void. With a few minutes of searching, I found multiple sources ready to load in to iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, or whatever your favorite calendaring app is.

Truefan serves up an .ics for you. Too bad they don't know anything about MIME types. Worldcupkickoff does better.


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Thelonious said...

For good commentary on the experience of the World Cup event, I recommend Slate.com's coverage. I enjoyed the three "dispatches" found here.