5 of the Now

Do you ears need something fresh? Here are 5 I picked out from the local farmer's market of music.

Bonus Track
Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education This might fade quickly once I've heard the whole thing, but from the sample, I'm feeling it. I'm really curious to see what a certain friend will say about the inclusion of Pink Floyd.


Jason said...

Yep, I had to comment once he threw the Floyd remix in there.

I dig it. It might wear over time, but I'm pretty much already sick of "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" yet I still listen to it. It would have been cool if they has sampled something like "Comfortably Numb" off of The Wall instead.

Still very cool. I like the Kelis track as well.

Thelonious said...

Yo, that Scumfrog track is the shizz...! Bustanut!

I'm glad you knew where that "Bossy" track came from. Definitely the best 5 minutes from Scumfrog right there.

Is there any way for me to split the MP3 file from Scumfrog into its individual tracks?