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Put those all together, and what do you get? The best 5 of the now post ever!

I'm still playing with ChapterTool and all that is has to offer. I confirmed that you can chaptify protected AAC (.m4p), like those purchased from the iTMS. Here's hoping that Apple starts using this tech on continuous mixes you can buy from their store, like the latest Global Underground - Electric Calm (brilliant stuff).

I had 5 more songs for my "5 of the now" series, so I thought, why not just mix these very simply, and toss it cover art and links to the iTMS to complete the package. I'm quite pleased with the result. Album art shows in iTunes (upgrade Jason, upgrade) and if you like what you hear, just click the link and go buy it.

Here's the 5

  • Bloc Party - Tulips

  • UNKLE - What Are You to Me?

  • Nobody - The Coast Is Clear (For Fireworks)

  • Midwest Product - Ohfas

  • Coldplay - Talk (Thin White Duke Mix)


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