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I've been on an absolute music binge lately. This happens every so often. I just get to a point where I want to hear stuff I've never heard before for a couple of weeks. Because of this, you are getting to read more music posts than usual. Maybe that's good, maybe that's bad.

I have been so excited to get new music that I bought music from a source that I haven't bought from in nearly a year. Beatport is a great online music store for electronic music heads like myself. I have been very impressed with the electronic and dance selection on the iTMS. It, plus Amazon, are expansive enough to have kept me satisfied for the last year, but they don't even hold a candle to the stuff you can get on Beatport. Beatport is where you get the stuff that you'd find in big city record shops. Beatport is where you get the stuff that has just been recently pressed. Beatport is where you get the stuff that your favorite DJ is playing. Beatport is where you buy tracks that you hear on Progressive Sounds SpinCasts and just have to have!

Beatport is also interesting because it is one of the only online music stores to sell individual tracks, in plain ol' MP3 and even WAV. They don't use DRM and the sound quality is great. I'm not crazy about their silly site, but you should really give them a look.

Now on to the 5

  • Dave Seaman Presents Group Therapy ft. Nat Leonard - Faith Again (Luke Chable Remix) : This is the one that got me back to Beatport. I'm loving this. [Get it on Beatport]

  • Starkillers - Diskoteka (Kobbe & Austin Leeds Mix) : Deep in the Diskoteka, these beats can make you wetta [Get it on Beatport]

  • Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll Destroy Rock & Roll

    Fantastic album that recently released to the iTMS although import variations have been on Amazon for awhile. I first took notice of Mylo with Drop the Pressure. That track now comes with a little Miami Sound Machine 80s flavor. The album is quite varied and definitely fresh.

  • Freestylers - Push Up (Plump DJs Remix) Push Up (Plump DJs Remix)

  • Beanfield - Tides (C's Movement #1 [Carl Craig Remix]) Tides (C´s Movement #1 [Carl Craig Remix]) I have been listening to my Sasha CDs again this week. Sasha's use of this in Fundacion NYC is tremendous.

Let the music play.

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Thelonious said...

I'm definitely going to put Beatport on my Favorites list. Thanks for the tip.