Construx Oil Platform

Where does gas come from Dad? Well son, it is made from oil. Let's build an oil rig!
That's roughly the conversation that lead to us building our latest Construx creation. An oil platform is a challenge because it needs a ton of surface area, and needs to rise out of the sea and support itself. Each of the 4 supporting pillars is made from 27 tubes. That's 104 tubes total, so it took some time to build those. They sure are strong though. I'm sure they could hold 20 pounds, or more.

Some other features of the build:
  • Lighted drill tower
  • Helipad built from a case, with cargo helicopter
  • Two cranes
  • Support watercraft
  • Sleeping quarters
Along with the Construx men populating the platform, you'll see some Fisher Price Husky Helpers. It is interesting how these Husky Helpers figures always end up in a pile of Construx. I have gotten half a dozen of them buying Construx off of eBay. For the most part, they fit Construx chairs, and their rugged theme fits with many of the things you can build with Construx, so they work well.
Sadly, the platform only lived for a couple of weeks as it was using up the majority of our knots and we couldn't build much else :(

What will we build next? What would you like to see us build?

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