5 of the Now

  • Evil Nine - All the Cash Evil Nine - They Live! - All the Cash (feat. El-P) [Amazon]

    I wasn't full bore into "They Live" when it came out. That's changing recently. El-P absolutely smashes it on this one.

  • Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite - EP - Day 'n' Nite [Amazon]

    I don't tend to rank my 5otns. It isn't a contest for the best track. It's what I'm feeling and listening to at the moment. That said, this is #1 for me right now. It has infiltrated my brain. I have dreams about playing the beat on Bloom. I'm sick.

  • FM Belfast - Underwear FM Belfast - How to Make Friends - Underwear [Amazon]
    They say that all of this great music comes out of Iceland because there's nothing better to do (I don't buy it, seems like a wonderful place to live and I'd like to visit some day). Well now we get the great music that celebrates the fact that there's nothing to do there! Rock on.

  • Alex Metric - In Your Machine (Treasure Fingers Remix) Alex Metric - Deadly On a Mission - In Your Machine [Amazon]

  • Get Shakes - Sister Self Doubt Get Shakes - Sister Self Doubt - EP - Sister Self Doubt [Amazon]

iTunes and Amazon links included for your convenience and my music addiction!

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