Leopard Loves A2DP

It took a week, but Amazon finally got me my preordered copy of OS X 10.5 Leopard. It's running on my MacBook at the moment and I'm loving it so far.

Almost immediately, I had to go check out the new Bluetooth items. More than anything I wanted to see if A2DP was included because my Moto S805s could really use the work. I'd seen mention that it was in the beta versions, but it seems like a feature as big as stereo Bluetooth support would be listed in the 300 features, right? Nope.

I'm delighted to report that A2DP is included and working great. A2DP's buddy, AVRCP is included as well so you can control your music from the controls on your headphones or stereo.

A2DP really opens up the audio from your Mac. Many new stereo receivers are supporting A2DP, both as a source and as a sink. That means that if your Mac is within range of your stereo, you get free AirTunes-like functionality.

This is a great first step, but I won't be truly happy until the iPod/iPhone can do A2DP natively as well.


Anonymous said...

Thats for the tip. ive been waiting for someone to confirm this!

Jason said...

Very cool to see this show up on tuaw, much better than the time I got a story on Slashdot, since your original content was actually referenced. Now I'm just wondering if you were stumbled upon or if you posted it :-)

I saw a comment on there about A2DP compressing the audio and hurting the quality though. Can I assume this was just a dryr? El wiki tells me that A2DP can support several codecs, at least a few of which could be lossless or nearly lossless.

Anonymous said...

Yes but: I wasn't able to use both the stereo headphones and the microphone simultaneously. Could you?

When I select the S805 as the default sound input, then the stereo sound from the S805 is cut off.

If I then reenable the S805 stereo headphones as the default sound output, then the microphone is disabled.

All is OK with the *headset* mode (mono sound).

Bummer. This seriously precludes using the S805 as a gaming headset, where you need both stereo sound output and sound input.

At this point in time, I don't know whether this limitation is with the Mac or with the S805.

Any idea?

salajander said...

How is the sound quality? I've successfully paired my S805s to both my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, and both are giving dreadful sound quality (yes, headphone profile and not headset profile). It's coming across with static and sounds overly compressed.

jamshid said...

Maybe Apple didn't advertise A2DP because they know it's still flaky. People are reporting Motorola S9 problems with Leopard here:


Huston said...

Ive recently purchased the yba-10 for my yamaha reciever to connect to the mabpro w/ leopard. works almost fine until it starts to skip like a cd attacked with rocks.. any ideas??

david.mann said...

hey, you say rightly that A2DP can support other audio codecs. but the "sink" - i.e. the headphones on the decode side - must include that same codec. at the moment, and as far as i know, every set of Bluetooth A2DP headphones ships with SBC in A2DP...

Alia said...

hi, i've just got the genius bt-03i but i can't seem to pair it with my macbook pro that is running on snow leopard. is something wrong here? help!