iPhone Hits

I think Apple has another hit on their hands with the iPhone. Here are some things I think they did right.

  • No buttons - I doubt many Blackberry users will switch, but that's ok. I tend to agree with Steve's explanation. Buttons are in the way when you don't need them and when you think of a good interface idea, you have no option but to build new hardware. I like the sleek, simple face. Notice that they still don't have an Apple logo on the front. That makes me happy. I'm also glad to see no number buttons, just like I asked for. If you watch the keynote, Steve refers to dialing a phone number as being "real last century"

  • Multi-touch - Wow, wow, wow. We've been getting a taste of this in movies and university research, but to see it in real life use is something to celebrate. Even if the iPhone is a complete flop as a phone, this technology will certainly creep in to lots of other places.

  • Focus on contacts, not phone numbers - Yup, phone numbers are stupid. Keep one set of carefully polished contacts and sync them everywhere.

  • Awesome unlock - Locking and unlocking phones until know have been a huge pain in the butt. This looks like a perfect solution.

  • Dedicated ring/silent switch - Useful

  • Flick to scroll - Looks amazing

  • Call merging and adding - Yes, yes. Why is this still hard? I have no idea how to operate these functions on my work phone. I use them rarely, but I would like to use them at times if I knew how.

  • Visual voicemail - Email inbox style voicemail. Everyone's thought of it. Now we have it.

  • iPod dock connector - Reuse existing cables and possibly add-ons.

  • Size - Looks like a good form factor. I can't wait to hold one.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - These are must have technologies. I'm hoping for wide Bluetooth profile support.

  • Google Maps - Location services are hot. I refuse to ask for directions, so this is great!

Notice I didn't say anything about the camera or texting. I think those will be marginally acceptable. I don't really like cameras in phones in the first place.

Next up, the misses and the questions.

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Jason said...

My thoughts on your thoughts...

No buttons - makes perfect sense. As long as the touch screen is easy and simple enough to use (bad experience with a touch screen remote has made me eternally leery), I'm sure Apple got this right.

Multitouch, flick to scroll, and the unlock. All pure genius.

Visual voicemail, dedicate ring/silent button, and the call merging methodology I say as all being huge productivity and usage improvements.

Google Maps with GPS location, and potential use of click to call -- freaking awesome.

I would say that at this point, I almost consider the dock connector a miss. Yay for not creating another proprietary connector. Boo, because you need a proprietary cable and one that I find rather annoying. What would have bee lacking in mini-USB?