The Last Words

Yesterday a lunch conversation prompted an interesting idea. Many times I'll have emails that I get on a regular basis. These could be deals, status, or in this example, recent record releases. I don't always have time to get to these emails as they come out. Usually they are obsoleted by an email that comes out the next week. The old emails really don't have any value once a newer one has come out.

I figured there had to be a way to create a Smart Mailbox in Mail.app to let me just keep the last email from a particular sender. Unfortunately, you don't get to limit a Smart Mailbox to a number of messages. Seems like a simple enough thing to add. Smart Playlists can be limited to a certain number of tracks.

I whipped up a quick shot of what this would look like. I just pasted the option from a Smart Playlist screen in to the Smart Mailbox screen.

BTW, I also explored Automator for a solution and didn't come up with much so I gave up.

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