Podcasting Roll Call

Here are some DJ mix podcasts that I'm enjoying. Maybe you will to.

__SpinCast - Fantastic stuff every time. Both __SpinCast and SoundBytes are products of the superb Progressive-Sounds.

SoundBytes - Chloe Harris has been cranking out SoundBytes long before podcasts were even invented. I was really glad to see them get released as Podcasts so I don't miss any.

Tongcast Pete Tong - The Pete Tong Tongcast - The Pete Tong Tongcast - You've heard of Pete Tong, right? Right? If you haven't, get on it. Pete Tong is the nostradamus of the dance music world. If you want to know what's hot, just check what Mr. Tong is playing. In addition to his web site, you can find the Tongcast in the music section within the iTMS.

Marine Parade Podcast Marine Parade - Marine Parade Podcast - Marine Parade Podcast - From the label that brought you Evil Nine, and Adam Freeland. It's great to see labels getting it and embracing the sharing of their music, rather than beating it down and calling it stealing. The first podcast from Marine Parade is a tight selection of tracks mixed by the Stone Lions. There are tracks from my all time favorite, DJ Shadow, along with some Evil Nine, and even Busta Rhymes. If you like what you hear, don't forget to check out the Stone Lions release Snow Over Arizona Stone Lions - Snow Over Arizona - EP - Snow Over Arizona. I haven't found a full tracklist yet. If you happen to know where one is, please let me know.

Progcast - I recently picked this one up. I enjoy the mixes, but for whatever reason, they don't seem to have the energy of a lot of other mixes I listen to. I'm still listening though.

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