A Gathering of Bluetooth Headphones

I don't have much to say here, I just wanted to put together a summary post of some Bluetooth headphones that have been released. The last ones, from Plantronics are the most interesting to me. I don't like behind the head designs and I don't mind big headphones so they fit my style requirements. They can't be any bigger than the Sonys I wear everyday. They also seem to have some good tech behind them. If I decide to pick up the Platronics ones, I'll be sure to post a review.

Bluetake iPhono

Creative CB2530
Review at hardwarezone


Plantronics Headphones - Review at Yahoo! News

Edit: At Jason's request, some prices.
iPhono: ~$170 - A2DP, Headset, Hands Free, Class 2, Multiple Pairings
Creative: ~$200 - A2DP, Bluetooth 1.2, Class 2
Logitech: $150 - Class 3
Plantronics: $150 without dongle, $200 with - A2DP


Jason said...

Where's the specs man?

My requirements are a good sounding pair with wireless, rechargable batteries that charge when the headphones are docked, and a comfortable over-ear design (basically anything but earbuds are acceptable).

The Sennheiser A120's are my current favorite (not bluetooth, but still wireless). I need to save up some cash for them though. We need some prices on these units for comparison's sake. I don't know about that Bluetooth though, ><>< ehhhh.

-- I said...

I have to be able to run with them without the damned things falling off or sliding around. I like behind-the-head ones for that, as they hook over the top of the ear and tend to stay put. Earbuds suck, never again.

And, I really hate the dongles that most of these sport. I know it's to work with just about any device, but... damn. I mean, I just need it for my iPod. My laptop has built in BT, so if I'm listening from that, I shouldn't even need the dongle.

Gimmie my mini BT. I'm waiting.

Ben said...

Looked at the Logitech ones at the Apple Store. One problem with wireless though: You can't fly with them. If you travel regularly, you need a good set of wired ones also. Other than that, I like the fact the the bluetooth adapter sits on the IPod on hte Logitech model. I mean, why have a cable extending off the Ipod to the adapter? I wanted "wireless". Not a "shorter wire". I have to agree with Ian on that one.