Your Laziness Astounds Me

Lazy American? Yes, I've seen quite a few. Let me share with you my latest encounter. In my neighborhood, we have shared mailbox areas. The mailboxes from about 10 houses are clumped together. I'm always amazed that folks drive to these mailboxes, when they are 3 driveways away at the most. On Friday, I witnessed the following... My neighbor that lives no more than 40 yards away from the mailbox came home from work, she drove past her house and proceeded to park in the middle of the frickin' street, turn off her van and get out. She walks over to the mailbox and gets her mail. Remember, she is still blocking the street. She then walks back to the van, gets in, starts it up, and then drives down one more house. She pulls in to their driveway, the WHOLE way (wtf?), and then backs out, drives up the three houses, waits for her garage door to open, and drives in.

She's not disabled. She didn't have heavy things to carry. It wasn't raining. There are nice sidewalks the whole way. I don't see any excuse to not get two minutes of fresh air. Maybe she is on one of those no exercise diets.


Shannon said...

Did she have kids with her? I often drive up to my own mailbox when the kids are in the van and its on my own driveway! :)

---ryan said...

No, no kids. See, having kids would fall in to the "having a reason" category and I don't fault you for that. I still fail to see her reason other than she is lazy.

Also, all though it might seem odd, I'd be less mad if the mailbox were in her own driveway. At least then it is in her path of travel and she wouldn't be blocking the road and forcing the whole world to revolve around her.